Following are a few examples of maps created using the ShowMe application.

Halifax Heritage

ShowMe maps helping to bring history to life.

Explore Chester

Another map for a popular Nova Scotia destination.

Farmer's Markets

Showcasing Nova Scotia's wonderful Farmers Market community!


Nova Scotia is recognized as a growing wine region.


Craft breweries operate in every corner of Nova Scotia.


Introducing the many quality distilleries of Nova Scotia.

Explore Lunenburg

One of Nova Scotia’s crown jewels, the UNESCO Town of Lunenburg.

Shelburne County

A great example of Municipal cooperation in showcasing a region.

Explore Mahone Bay

A great map for one of Nova Scotia's most popular Towns.

Queens Coast

Includes the special Filter Results and Open Now features.

Explore MODL

Over 175 places of interest in the District of Lunenburg.

Lobster Crawl

A popular, growing festival uses ShowMe to help spread the word.

Transit Tracker

Another example of ShowMe's flexibility is this real-time transit map.

Zoning Lookup

The Town of Bridgewater leverages ShowMe to assist developers.

Explore Bridgewater

Another Town of Bridgewater project to highlight active transportation.

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