Getting Started

ShowMe Maps uses the Freemium (Free and Premium) pricing model where it is free to build a map using the basic map features with specific add-on options available for a fee. There are essentially three options available and we invite you to Contact Us to discuss your project ideas or requirements:

Free Map


  • Full Admin/User Management
  • Interactive Google Map
  • Branded Header, Logo, and Button Colour
  • Choice of Image Key or Marker Key
  • Choice of Unified or Tabbed Layout
  • Multi-Select Category Menu
  • Map Drawing Tools (polygons and lines)
  • Show User Location
  • Standard Calendar of Events
  • Publish by Date
  • Location Details and Contacts
  • Google Street View™
  • Email and Website Links
  • Social Media Links
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video / Video Playlist
  • 360° Panorama View
  • Location View Counter
  • Standard Website Embed Option

* With the free version of the software there are two advertisement blocks positioned on the top right and bottom left of the screen. The ads are either delivered via the Google Ad Network™ or sold directly to advertisers who may be interested in reaching the map’s audience.

Premium Map

$125 /Month**

  • Everything in Free Map
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Google Map Custom Style
  • PDF Upload
  • Custom Links
  • Plot and Trail Overlays (KML/KMZ file upload support)
  • MP3 Audio Files
  • Auto PDF for Locations
  • Itinerary Builder / Add to Favourites
  • Premium Calendar of Events
  • Custom Groupings
  • Multiple Categories per Location
  • Open Hours and Open Now Toggle
  • Results Filtering and Tag System
  • Kiosk Mode for Touchscreens
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code
  • Premium Website Embed Option

** Pricing begins at $125.00 per month and removes the Ad feeds from the map. Options are available for map owner controlled advertising.

Whether there are any one-time initial costs associated with client consultations, graphic design services, custom map markers, or any special requirements can be arrived at through a discussion of your project goals and objectives.

CMS Website Development/Integration

Contact Us

  • Everything in Premium
  • Full Integration into Joomla or WordPress (see below)

The third level of a ShowMe Map is to integrate it with a popular CMS (Content Management System) website such as WordPress or Joomla.

While the digital map can support a wide variety of content, it does not have the full capabilities of a more robust CMS website. Such applications offer thousands of “plugins” and “extensions” to further a website’s capabilities and deepen the audience engagement.

Essentially, any feature of a modern web presence can be leveraged to augment and support the ShowMe digital map, resulting in a highly capable, state-of-the-art website.

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