Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?
You bet, any revenue derived will be a result of the Google Ads automatically placed on the map. Yes, any revenue derived by will be a result of the Google Ads automatically placed on the map. Ad removal is an option under our Custom Maps option.

Who owns the content?
Your map, your content. The only thing we require is that any content i.e. photos or written material you include in your map is free from copyright or that you own the copyright.

Can I close/delete my map?
Of course, you have full control of your map. You also have the option of simply unpublishing the map, one or more categories or one or more locations/listings.

Will I be able to allow other users to manage or update my map?
Yes, the system allows you to create other users accounts for managing the whole map or only for managing specific categories or individual locations/listings.

Are there different marker styles to choose from?
Yes, there is a library of marker icons and you can choose any colour for the marker. A marker is assigned as a category default but you also have the option for assigning a different marker for each location/listing if you so choose.

Google Street View™ isn't in my area, can I still make a map?
Absolutely! Any tab can be set as the initial view so while having a Street View™ is nice, it certainly isn't essential. To see where the Google Street View™ vehicles have been click here.

Can I use a custom domain name for my map?
Yes, this is a great feature. You can register any domain name, tell us what it is and we will provide you with the technical details (DNS records) so that the map uses the domain. There is no charge for this.

Is there a way to include the map within my own website?
Yes, we can provide you with an embed code for having the map as part of an existing website. The only condition is that your website should be fully responsive i.e. mobile compliant and be able to support full browser width. We can check and advise on that as required. There is no charge for this.

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