What is a ShowMe Map?

ShowMe Maps is a comprehensive mapping application which combines Google Maps™ and Google Street View™ technologies with ShowMe’s ability to capture and showcase detailed information about a particular location.

For Visitors
From a tourism / destination marketing perspective a digital destination map provides an opportunity to define and build your brand. To showcase and promote your unique points of differentiation and ideally give visitors a reason to stay longer.

For Local Residents
A digital map helps educate residents about what is available both in terms of local businesses and service providers as well as attractions and recreational opportunities. When combined with the promotion of local events it supports local engagement and community building. Expanding the knowledge of local residents also has the potential for creating community ambassadors.

A ShowMe Map should be considered a Digital Foundation because of how it can be further leveraged:


Visitors to an area (and sometimes local residents) are not always aware of what may be in close proximity to where they are. Signage featuring a URL or QR code linked to a map listing or group of listings can quickly open up those opportunities to stay longer or explore further. Digital cross-promotion!

Interactive Kiosk / Virtual Tourist Bureau
Extend Traditional Printed Materials

Standard Features

Full Admin/User Management

The ShowMe application software is designed to be user friendly and does not require any advanced technical/computer skills. Fillable forms and upload fields are the norm with all help documentation accessible on each page.  Map administrators are able to assign other map managers and editors as required on map, category, or specific location basis.

Interactive Google Map
Branded Header, Logo, and Button Colour
Map Marker Options
Featured Location Icon
Choice of Image Key or Marker Key
Choice of Unified or Tabbed Layout
Multi-Select Category Menu
Map Drawing Tools (polygons and lines)
Show User Location
Standard Calendar of Events
Publish by Date
Location Details and Contacts
Google Street View™
Email and Website Links
Social Media Links
Photo Gallery
Video / Video Playlist
360° Panorama View
Location View Counter
Standard Website Embed Option

Premium Features

Custom Domain Name

Many clients opt to have a custom domain name associate with their map for marketing and promotional purposes. Any domain name can be accommodated and configured for your map.

Google Map Custom Style
PDF Upload
Custom Links
Plot and Trail Overlays (KML/KMZ file upload support)
MP3 Audio Files
Auto PDF for Locations
Itinerary Builder / Add to Favourites
Premium Calendar of Events
Multiple Categories per Location
Custom Groupings
Open Hours and Open Now Toggle
Results Filtering and Tag System
Kiosk Mode for Touchscreens
Google Analytics Tracking Code
Premium Website Embed Option

CMS Integration

Full CMS Integration (WordPress or Joomla)

This option essentially provides the opportunity to have complete website functionality in addition to a seamlessly integrated ShowMe map with map URLs matching the website domain.

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